Pianoteq Celebrates 10 Years

10 years with Pianoteq

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26th of August 2006 became a milestone in the market of software pianos as Pianoteq was introduced. It quickly became the go-to instrument plug-in for talented composers, keyboardists and recording studios worldwide.

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Since then, we at MODARTT have regularly enhanced the Pianoteq engine and expanded our instruments palette from acoustic pianos to electric pianos, vibraphones, xylophones, steelpans and harps, as well as historical instruments including piano predecessors.

Thank you everyone who during the years sent us encouragements, constructive remarks and suggestions for further development, and to everyone who participated in the Pianoteq forum, assisting other Pianoteq users with advice on everything from keyboard purchase to sharing settings and recordings.

We are celebrating Pianoteq’s 10 years anniversary by offering 30% discount on Pianoteq Standard, Upgrade Stage to Standard, and all instrument packs for a limited period, ending on August 31.

Furthermore, we are giving out t-shirts to 100 lucky winners. Head over to https://www.pianoteq.com/anniversary


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