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New Yamaha Tricity 155 Scooter

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The smarter way to get around the city

For millions of people all over Europe, the most stressful part of their everyday lives is getting to and from their place of work. Whether by bus, train or car, the daily journey into the city seems to be getting more expensive and increasingly difficult as time goes by. What should be a routine task has become something that many commuters dread.

Yamaha’s Urban Mobility segment features a range of models that offer a realistic alternative for those people who have decided to do something about their commuting hassles. Two years ago Yamaha moved into the 3-wheel world with Tricity – an innovative and and easy to ride vehicle that combines lightweight agility with an enhanced feeling of stability and confidence. Aimed at attracting new customers with little or no riding experience away from public transport and cars, the Tricity is designed to make a positive change to the daily lives of urban commuters.

Love the way I move

Making every day better
By making urban commuting easy, accessible, affordable – and even enjoyable – the Yamaha Tricity is able to transform every city worker’s lifestyle. Time is the most precious commodity, and in terms of its time-saving abilities, the Tricity is one of the most efficient and effective forms of transport.

As well as helping to significantly reduce journey times in and out of the city, the Tricity is also one of the most affordable and economical modes of motorized transportation – even before parking charges and congestion charges are factored in to the equation.

New Tricity 155

Bringing more power to more people
For 2016 Yamaha will introduce a second 3-wheel model that is designed to complement the existing Urban Mobility line up. The new Tricity 155 offers an even greater choice to customers who want all the benefits associated with 3 wheels, combined with a more powerful engine as well as a redesigned chassis and refined bodywork.

With its increased performance, the new Tricity 155 has been developed for urban commuters whose journey to work includes some highway or ring road riding. The new 155cc 4-stroke engine gives faster acceleration and a higher top speed, and the use of Yamaha’s advanced Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system enhances overall power output while also ensuring high levels of fuel efficiency.

As well as being designed to appeal to entry-level riders who are looking for a realistic and accessible alternative to public transport and the car, the light, agile and affordable Tricity 155 is ready to attract riders away from some other heavier, larger and more expensive 3-wheel models.

More comfort. More space. More functionality.
While retaining the compact and lightweight chassis that makes the original model so light and easy to handle in urban traffic, the new Tricity 155 features a number of changes that enhance the overall riding and ownership experience.

A larger diameter 13-inch rear wheel is featured on the new Tricity 155 to handle its higher levels of acceleration and top speed – and combined with the use of a wider 130/70 rear tyre, this design ensures good traction on various road surfaces, together with a high level of comfort for both the rider and passenger.

Day to day functionality is improved with the fitment of a larger 7.2 litre fuel tank, while the larger underseat storage compartment can now accommodate a full face helmet plus some smaller items. Also new is a parking brake similar to the design used on the top of the range TMAX – and for added functionality there’s also a 12v outlet for powering various devices situated in the new front pocket.

A newly designed dual seat features a long and flat rider’s section, and its high quality construction makes sure that the Tricity 155 is always a pleasure to ride on the daily trip to work. The comfortable flat footboard has also been redesigned for 2016, making this easy to ride 3-wheel vehicle the ideal choice for new riders – as well as those customers who are coming over to 3 wheels from a scooter. With its upright riding position and relaxed ergonomics, the Tricity 155 really is the smart way to move in and around the city.

Stylish, simple, affordable.
Featuring closely spaced twin front wheels and stylish aerodynamic bodywork, the Tricity is a much more compact, elegant and agile vehicle than some of the larger capacity 3-wheel models. The new Tricity 155 has been designed with the same sleek and fashionable lines as the original, but a number of changes to the body shape and rear end give the new more powerful model its own individual look.

What remains unchanged is the simple and easy to use character that won over thousands of new owners to this Urban Mobility model during the past two years. With its quiet, economical engine and ‘twist and go’ automatic transmission, the Tricity 155 is simplicity itself to ride.

The Unified Braking System (UBS) ensures smooth and reliable stopping, while ABS is fitted as standard. With the added feeling of stability that comes with the 3-wheel layout, this Urban Mobility model from Yamaha is ideal for new riders.

A new LED headlight complements the LED position lamp to give a sophisticated look – and in addition to its contemporary styling and user-friendly features, the Tricity 155 is also one of the most affordable and economical vehicles on the street today. Offering traffic beating performance, high levels of comfort and the ability to save money and time, this new 3-wheel Urban Mobility model is an even more attractive proposition for those commuters who want to take back control of their daily lives.

New Tricity 155 from Yamaha: Love the way I move.

Making it your own
Tricity 155 owners can create their own unique model with a range of Genuine Accessories that includes items aimed at increasing comfort, luggage space and protection. The range includes sports and high windscreens and knuckle visors, as well as rear carriers, 39 litre top cases and a comfort seat. More details on the accessories range can be found at www.yamaha-motor.eu

Cyber Blue
Oxford Grey
Milky White

Availability: Within end of summer 2016

Tricity 155 Profile

  • 3-wheel Urban Mobility model suitable for highway and ring road usage
  • Yamaha’s unique Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) design
  • 3-wheel layout gives feeling of stability and confidence
  • State of the art braking with ABS and UBS
  • Ideally suited to entry-level urban commuter riders
  • Compact body with twin front wheels gives scooter-like agility
  • Larger-capacity 155cc VVA engine for increased performance
  • New larger rear wheel and wider rear tyre give enhanced handling feel
  • Suitable for daily urban commuting with highway and ring road usage
  • Light, secure and stable feeling on different road surfaces
  • Modern and contemporary European-influenced design
  • Affordable to purchase and economical to use
  • Fashionable, practical and easy to use urban transportation

Tricity 155 Features

  • Single cylinder liquid cooled 4-stroke engine
  • Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) design for increased acceleration with good fuel efficiency
  • Larger 155cc capacity developing 11kW of power for increased performance
  • Fully automatic transmission for ‘twist and go’ simplicity
  • Unique Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) chassis – agility with stability
  • Dual 220mm front disc brakes; 230mm rear disc brake
  • ABS equipped as standard
  • Unified Brake System (UBS) for smooth and reliable stopping power
  • Narrowly spaced twin front wheels for high levels of manoeuvrability
  • Dual closely spaced 90/80-14 front wheels
  • Larger diameter 13-inch rear wheel with wider 130/70 rear tyre
  • Refined body design with powerful and attractive new LED headlight
  • Newly designed long and flat dual seat for added comfort
  • LED position lamp
  • Increased underseat storage space can accommodate a full face helmet and smaller items
  • New 12v outlet in front pocket
  • Low weight for easy handling and parking


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