Advertise Here was established in 2001 to provide help, support and information for musicians around the world. The website holds an extensive archive of material stretching back over 15 years and which is freely available to everyone. We cover all brands and types of musical instrument both old and new as well as the latest music technology and software.

The Forum: Our support forum is one of the most popular on the web. This is where you will find a wide range of music professionals who lend their support and expertise to answer questions and provide invaluable advice on all sorts of topics from vintage guitars to the latest DAW software and plugins.

Stats: Our stats have always been very good, currently averaging over 1 million page views per month (details available on request). We also have a mailing list of more than 9000 members to which a monthly news letter goes out. This presents an excellent platform on which to launch products, gain visibility and acquire new customers.

Who is advertising on ideally suited to? Talking to our site visitors over the years the main things that they are looking for are products which help them make music but in an uncomplicated way. So audio/video courses and guides, how to make music products, music production software, sequencers, loops etc especially where it makes things easier for those new to the music making process. Our visitors are also interested in accessories such as guitar strings, tuners, instrument spares, guitar picks and so on. If you sell or promote these types of product then advertising on Yamaha Forums would work well for you.

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