Apple has updated Logic Pro X to v10.3.1

Apple has updated Logic Pro X to v10.3.1

Logic Pro X includes advanced new features that make Logic an even stronger tool for audio production, giving musicians and audio engineers even more control over editing and mixing their music. The latest release features a new modern design that improves legibility in a variety of working environments.

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New Features/Enhancements:

  • Logic now supports the Audio Unit v3 specification for virtual MIDI ports.

Stability and reliability:

  • Logic Pro no longer sometimes quits unexpectedly when:
    • The Duplicate Event command is used while a field in the Event List is highlighted.
    • The left corner of an Apple Loop is adjusted on a track with Flex enabled.
    • Dragging dynamics symbols into the Score in large projects.
    • Customizing the Toolbar from a Floating Transport window.
    • Changing to another scale from the East Asian scale on the Touch Bar.
    • Changing the I/O Buffer size in a project that has a Groove Track enabled.
    • Save as Default is selected in the Alchemy plug-in window.
    • Dismissing the “Do you really want to create a high speed section” dialog when working with Flex inside a Take Folder.
  • The Piano Roll now displays reliably on Retina displays.
  • Tracks are no longer sometimes unexpectedly removed from Folder Stacks if Solo is used, and then the Mixer is closed and then re-opened.


  • The interface is now more responsive when time-stretching an audio region by Option-dragging its left corner.
  • Disabling Region Solo with a key command while the Project Audio window is open no longer takes several seconds.
  • Performance is improved in the Project File Browser in large projects.
  • The timing of playback, and the position of the playhead are now consistently maintained when trimming the length of audio regions.
  • Logic Pro remains responsive when time stretching Apple Loops while Varispeed is enabled.
  • The first Undo performed during playback no longer causes a small hiccup in playback.


  • The Magnet Effect in Alchemy now reliably sounds in tune.


  • Scripter instances that contain code beginning with “NeedsTimingInfo = True” command no longer cause hung notes when Cycle is enabled in the project.
  • Plug-ins can again be opened from mixer objects in the Environment window.
  • Preset names for Audio Unit v3 plug-ins are now displayed correctly.


  • It is again possible to edit Region-based Automation on Take Folders.


  • Applying fade outs to multiple selected audio regions now works reliably.
  • Clicking on a fade with the click zone fade tool no longer sometimes unintentionally changes its length.


  • Quantizing Audio Apple Loops no longer sometimes causes them to change in length.
  • Audio files with existing tempo information that are added to a project with a different tempo now properly follow Flex.
  • Time stretching an audio region no longer sometimes creates an unexpected fade out.
  • Audio files that have been bounced in place with the Include Audio Tail in File option enabled can again be Flexed after the Reset All Flex Edits command has been used on them.

Takes and comping:

  • Selected MIDI Take Folders can again be flattened.
  • The start positions and lengths of regions in Take folders are no longer sometimes changed when the audio files are converted to a different sample rate.
  • Take folders inside of Folder Stacks are no longer sometimes deleted if Undo is performed after using the Unpack to New Track Alternatives command.

Touch Bar:

  • The playhead now snaps to bars and beats when it is moved while in the overview mode of the Touch Bar.
  • The Touch Bar overview mode now scrolls vertically to display the currently visible regions even when the selected tracks are no longer in view.
  • The position displayed by the Touch Bar is now correct in projects that start at positions later than 1 1 1 1.

Track Alternatives:

  • Regions on the inactive Track Alternative created by a Duplicate Alternative command are now deselected to keep them from being unintentionally deleted.
  • When an inactive Track Alternative is promoted to active, the pre-listen buttons on other tracks that are members of the same group are now clear as expected.
  • Deleting an inactive Track Alternative no longer causes the selected track to shift to Track 1.
  • Track Alternatives can now be created for Guitar/Bass tracks.
  • Global edits that cut or insert time are now also applied to inactive Track Alternatives.


  • The stand-alone Score window now reliably displays the currently selected regions.
  • There is now a switch to toggle the snapping of Score objects while dragging.
  • Selecting an instrument track that is part of the current Score Set will no longer change the Score Set when Same Level link mode is enabled.


  • Drummer regions in Track Alternatives are no longer converted to MIDI regions when changing Drummer Characters.


  • It’s now easier to drag values in the Event List.
  • Clicking a note in the Piano Roll with the Mute tool again immediately mutes the note.
  • The note length value for a Lane in the Step Editor can again be edited.
  • It is again possible to edit more than one selected event in the Event Float window.
  • The Event List again displays GM instrument names for program changes.
  • It is now easier to divide notes with the Scissors tool in the Piano Roll.
  • The Operations on Selected Events map in the MIDI Transform editor again shows the result of operations on the second data byte.
  • It is again possible to edit the MIDI Controller number inn the Event List.
  • Lyrics are again displayed directly in the Event List when Additional Info is enabled.
  • Follow Playhead now works with looped MIDI regions in the Piano Roll.


  • Tracks added using the Share to GarageBand for iOS feature now playback correctly in cases where the sample rate for the Logic Project is not 44.1 kHz.


  • Take Folders on inactive Track Alternatives are now included when importing a track into a project.
  • It is now possible to import/replace a track that resides inside a Track Stack.

Inter-app operability:

  • Logic Pro no longer changes ReWire bus numbers in existing projects to 60.
  • Logic Pro’s playhead and locaters again follow the position of connected ReWire slave applications.


  • Changing a project’s frame rate no longer causes the SMPTE start time to shift unexpectedly.
  • Key commands now work reliably when a floating Movie window is open.

Control Surfaces/MIDI Controllers:

  • Sliders, pan knobs and track names now reliably update in Logic Remote when Logic Pro is relaunched.
  • Logic Control can again be used to shift the Cycle position.


  • Performing a Cut (Command-X) when there is a marquee selection now creates an Undo step as expected.
  • The New Position field in the Go To Position window again shows the last entered position when it is re-opened.
  • The Marquee tool can again be used to divide multiple regions.
  • Software Instruments again output audio as expected when Varispeed Speed Only is active and Low Latency Mode is off.
  • When Normalizing parameters on MIDI regions with a negative Velocity offset, notes whose velocities are smaller than the offset are no longer unexpectedly set to 127 instead of to 1.
  • Dragged regions no longer move to incorrect positions in certain rare cases on macOS Sierra.
  • The end of a reversed audio region that has been shortened can again be extended.
  • Input monitoring again works when Varispeed is engaged.
  • Names of Aliases are again displayed with an italic font.
  • The Select Unused command again works in the Project Audio window.
  • The Score parameter in the Region Inspector again shows the Show or Hide status of the region.
  • Using the close button to hide inactive Track Alternatives now creates an Undo step.
  • Sustain pedal events now trigger properly on looped MIDI regions.
  • The pointer again consistently becomes the Loop tool, when the lower right edge of a flexed region is grabbed.
  • The appearance of fonts on non-retina displays is improved.
  • Auxes that are saved in a Track Stack as part of a Patch again retain their custom assigned colors when the Patch is loaded.
  • Record-enabling and disabling multiple selected audio tracks again works as expected.

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