Biyang releases LiveMaster, an affordable modular guitar pedalboard

Biyang LiveMaster Effects System

Chinese effects brand Biyang has released the LiveMaster, an affordable modular guitar pedalboard.

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Available in four-effect, seven-effect and 10-effect mainframe configurations, the LiveMaster enables micro effect modules to be swapped in and out via a spring locking design, with all connections handled by the pedal itself – that means no power or audio cables to worry about.

The chassis itself is lightweight aluminium and offers a true-bypass, all-analogue signal path; each footswitch is tap tempo-compatible with relevant modules, and patches can be saved into the LiveMaster’s internal memory, too.

40, ahem, familiar micro effect modules have already been released, with more on the way.

Pedalboard fans may balk at the concept of investing in a whole new system, but Biyang has at least made it affordable: LiveMaster mainframes range from £47/$65 to £99/$120, while individual modules run from £23/$19 to £34/$48.

The system is available from Spartan Music in the UK – see Biyang for more info