Casio CT-X700 Raising The Bar For Entry Level Keyboards – Plus First Impressions

New Casio CT-X Range

Casio were exhibiting their exciting new CT-X range of keyboards at Winter NAMM 2018 and one of the most impressive was the entry level CT-X700. At just $175 the CT-X700 changes perceptions of what a keyboard at this price level can do. In fact I would go so far as to say if you were only hearing the audio from this keyboard and did not know what it was you would assume it cost at least three times as much.

What truly sets the CT-X700 apart from other portable keyboards is its heart: The powerful AiX Sound Source (Acoustic Intelligent Expression) which not only makes the CT-X sound like a keyboard costing hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars more but the processor also adapts to your touch. This means acoustic guitars are more expressive, pianos are more nuanced and synths are punchy and dynamic.

There are three keyboards in the range. The CT-X700, CT-X3000 and CT-X5000 and with the top of the range CT-X5000 costing just over £400 here in the UK I think other manufacturers offerings are going to be a bit of a hard sell!

I have recently has some “hands-on” time with the CT-X700 and my first impressions are that Casio has really pushed the envelope on this one. Thanks to the AiX sound engine the quality of the acoustic pianos for example are way above anything you would expect at this price point. The same can be said of all the other sounds I have tried. Also the quality of the keys was surprising. I had expected the usual springy, wobbly keys that normally find their way into budget keyboards but the keys on the CT-X700 are as good as you will find on most keyboards costing three times as much!

Also included in the box when you purchase the CT-X700 is a free digital download from Rockschool which gives you access to one of their learning books, so you can learn to play a wide genre of music as well as learning to play alls sorts of instruments such as acoustic guitar, piano, drums and ukulele. There are also lesson on vocals and music production.

For an example of the sound quality on offer check out this video where Casio’s Mike Martin unboxes, gives a tour and demonstrates the new CT-X700 portable keyboard.



  • 61 touch responsive keys
  • 48-note polyphony
  • AiX Sound Source
  • 600 Sounds
  • 160 preset songs
  • preset rhythms 195 types
  • effects: reverb, chorus, harmony
  • arpeggio 100 types
  • one-touch-presets
  • lesson function: left hand, right hand, both hands
  • LCD display
  • MIDI recorder
  • transpose
  • power save automatic
  • headphone/line jack
  • USB to host
  • pedal connection
  • 2x 2,5 W speaker system
  • powered via batteries or power supply.
  • Dimensions: 948 x 350 x 109 mm.
  • Weight: 4,3 kg.
  • Power supply (AD-E95100) included


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