CASIO launches NEW range of premium Celviano digital pianos


Casio Music UKhas announced the release of three new premium CELVIANO digital pianos. Under the Slogan “Redefining Tradition and Innovation”, the pianos feature a new luxury rosewood finish, an immaculately detailed Hamburg Grand Piano tone, a redesigned speaker system and an innovative Visual Information bar to enhance learning. 

Defined by exquisite sound quality, superior touch, and the latest smart learning technology, Celviano digital pianos are among the finest in the world, manufactured by a trusted brand with a long history in musical instruments. This is why families, music teachers, and schools delight in the fresh and authentic piano-playing experience these highly capable and reliable cabinet-style pianos offer.

Three new models — the AP-750, AP-550 and AP-S450 — are beautiful in design, representing one of the most alluring piano furniture styles available today. Luxurious appointments abound, such as a gorgeous front panel that reflects the keys and your hands, providing visual inspiration as you play. Illuminating touch sensor controls are inconspicuously located on the left side keyblock, which magically appear and disappear on demand to maintain functionality with a clean, simplistic look.


Unlike digital piano competitors that use coarse-grained wood for their keys, Casio crafts Celviano keys from fine-grained Austrian Spruce, which adds greater resilience, density and balance while communicating a familiar aesthetic of understated elegance. Simulated ebony and ivory key surfaces are subtly textured to help finger grip and provide extra confidence while playing.

Casio has built a reputation for having some of the best digital piano actions available. These new models incorporate the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard Celviano Edition, a subtle yet significant refinement over the action found in their most recent award-winning Privia models, which provides the pleasingly quiet and smooth response you’d expect from a well-regulated grand piano.

Casio has also made a quantum leap with the new Celviano speaker system, which faithfully represents the three-dimensional sound of a grand piano as it emanates from above and below the soundboard with no distortion, even when played at high levels. Like a grand piano, the AP-750 and AP-550 incorporate a unique top lid that can be opened to project sound forward, enveloping the player and audience with deep bass, shimmering treble and clarity throughout the entire audio spectrum.

Each instrument features a new, immaculately detailed Hamburg Piano Tone that delivers the pinnacle of musical expression. Deploying dozens of meticulously placed world-class microphones, Casio devoted countless hours to faithfully capture the natural “bloom” of one of the world’s most coveted and majestic pianos—from the key strike, hammers, damper and string resonance to how the instrument reacts to its acoustic environment. The result is a stunning, vibrant, versatile piano Tone perfectly matched to the Celviano keys and speaker system.

Another Casio innovation is the new Visual Information Bar above the keys that empowers and reacts to performance. As a metronome, it displays a pulsing beat in a choice of patterns to help make playing and learning more accessible. It also can react to and display playing strength and pedal depth, enabling teachers and students to refine their finger and pedal technique.

A piano this inspiring will have musicians finding musical ideas flowing faster than ever, leading to those inevitable “I wish I’d recorded that” moments faced by most players. The AP models’ new Instant RePlayer allows players to return in time and reclaim their best performance. They can immediately hear the last few minutes of their playing at the touch of a button, even if they forgot to begin recording.


The flagship cabinet-style AP-750 presents a refined & elegant appearance and is equipped with an all-new Grandphonic 8 speaker spatial sound system that delivers natural-sounding resonance and boasts a truly authentic playing experience. Featuring 39 built-in Tones, 9 of which are Grand Piano Tones. These Piano Tones include three of the world’s finest grand pianos, including the exquisite new Hamburg Grand; Berlin Grand, developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein, a 170-year-old manufacturer of pianos known for their warm and rich tone with exceptional clarity and nuance; and Vienna Grand, which provides a calm and stately sound with rich bass and beautiful tones when the keys are played softly.

The new AP-750 is designed to deliver the rich resonance, playability, and sophisticated expressive power of a grand piano, as developed through the history and tradition of the instrument, while at the same time offering new ways to enjoy playing, with new functions created with original Casio innovation.


The AP-550, also part of the Classic Series, features a 2-Channel/4-Speaker system and 26 built-in Tones, 6 of which are Grand Piano Tones, including Hamburg Grand and New York Grand. This new model offers a rich, warm Rosewood colour option as well as the more traditional black and white finishes, lending an air of elegance and sophistication to any setting.



The AP-S450 inherits several style and performance features of the AP-550, including the new Rosewood finish, 2-Channel/4-Speaker sound system and 26 built-in Tones, 6 of which are Grand Piano Tones, including Hamburg Grand and New York Grand. As part of the Casio Slim Series, the AP-S450 brings the company’s Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard to the family’s most compact & slim design. It is the perfect home piano for anyone who needs to combine impeccable touch and beauty, which fits seamlessly into any living space.

For the first time, all three Celviano models come with the WU-BT10 Bluetooth* adaptor, which allows for a wireless connection from a device such as a smartphone or a computer, and connection to your favourite MIDI-capable apps, including the Casio Music Space app. This do-it-all app for iOS and Android devices provides the ability to adjust the piano’s settings, view and annotate sheet music, engage with interactive game-like lessons, work with audio files, and much more. With Bluetooth audio, Celviano AP digital pianos become a powerful, rich, clear speaker system that easily fills any room with music that begs you to play along.

Pricing and Availability

The Casio Celviano AP-550 and AP-S450 are shipping now, and the AP-750 will ship in early March 2024. They are available at music retailers nationwide, and online at

  • AP-750 (Black) £1,999 RRP*
  • AP-550 (Black, Rosewood, White) £1,749 RRP*
  • AP-S450 (Black, Rosewood, White) £1,549 RRP*

*RRP’s are suggested & guideline prices only.