Casio Music UK launches AR experience app

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Augmented reality app allows users to see if a digital piano or keyboard fits in any space without having to break out the measuring tape.

If you ever wanted to know how that new Casio keyboard would look in your living room, read on!

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Casio Music UK, one of the world’s most renowned producers of musical instruments, has launched its brand new augmented reality (AR) app, which allows users to check whether the size and colour of a digital piano or keyboard matches and fits into the location where they want to put it.

Featuring a range of products including the PX-S1000, PX-119, Grand Hybrid GP-510 & 310, as well as the AP-470, users of the app can enlarge and shrink their chosen instrument and readjust the digital piano or keyboard to its actual dimensions right away – placing it in any location they wish, whether it be at home or in the studio. What’s more, customers can take a screenshot of their favourite music setups to revisit later.

The app, which is available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, is easy to use – it does not require users to download the app, instead, simply just scan a QR code that is available on the Casio website. This straightforward process takes seconds and in a moment users can simulate placing a digital piano or keyboard in their room.

Purchasing an instrument can be overwhelming at the best of times, with several factors to consider such as quality, budget, appearance, size, and purpose, etc. Casio’s new AR experience app will help its customers make informed decisions about some of these factors including the size and physical appearance of a digital piano and keyboard.

Neil Evans, Head of Casio EMI, commented: “One of the key considerations many of our customers have when buying a piano or keyboard is ‘will it fit?’. This already difficult dilemma has become increasingly harder in recent months, with many of our customers unable to visit bricks and mortar retailers to check sizes and colours. It is hoped that our new AR app will provide our customers with inspiration at home and be a useful tool for our retail partners too.”

How To Use The App

To start using the AR app on a smartphone or tablet, please visit:, following the four simple steps:

  1. Scan the QR code from the website URL above
  2. On your screen, tap the instrument that you want to use for the simulation
  3. Direct the device’s camera at the location where you want to put the keyboard, and then slowly move your device up, down, left, and right to allow the AR software to recognise the space
  4. Move the photo of the product to the location where you want to put it

Note. To make sure the app gives the best possible experience please make sure to meet the following requirements.

  • iOS: 13.1 or later
  • Browser: Safari, Chrome
  • AR cannot be used from a PC. Please view the effect on a smartphone (iPhone 6s or later) or tablet (iPad 5th generation or later)
  • AR effects might not be displayed on some devices or in some OS environments
  • Certain products might differ from their actual appearance in some cases
  • Colours might not be accurately displayed depending on the environment. It is advised to use the app in a well-lit area


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