Casio PX-S1000RD

The Casio PX-S1000 is already leading the market when it comes to portable digital pianos and to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the Privia line Casio have now given us a super looking red version to go along with the existing white and black versions.

This new addition to the range features a wide variety of high specification within its class, from it’s elegant textured keyboard touch and authentic timbre, to the super compact and light design: all in a new deep red finish to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Privia release.

Casio PX-S1000RD Front

Launched upon the 15th anniversary, the PX-S1000 featured a slim and stylish body to differentiate itself from other conventional digital pianos, while still including the beautiful sound & natural playing feel of a grand piano. Following a warm reception for its advanced design, PX-S1000RD continues the tradition of its predecessors, while also being the first in the range to come in red; designed to create a strong presence both in any room and on-stage.

As well as the inclusion of some of their most iconic features, the PX-S1000RD also includes new and exciting attributes; most notably the all-new Bluetooth feature, which allows for it to be used as a speaker for music played from an external device. The newest in Casio’s Privia range promises to stay true to its most famous features which have won over audiences for the past 15 years, while also including brand-new qualities to continue to inspire new audiences.

Casio PX-S1000RD-Rear

The slim and stylish body differentiates the Privia from other digital pianos in its class

The new Privia offers a high-quality keyboard touch & elegant sound, but in a 20% slimmer body than the previous model, making full use of the digital technologies which have been developed by Casio over the years.

The new Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard combines compactness with a natural playing feel

■ Key Off Response reproduces repeat-strike performance

The PX-S1000RD model picks up on the timing of the keys’ movements. When the same note is struck repeatedly, the next tone sounds firmly even if the key has not completely come back up after being struck.

■ 88-Key Digital Scaling realises a grand piano-like touch

The touch of a grand piano varies with the differences in size and weight of the hammers over each of the 88 keys. The PX-S1000RD model delivers the feeling of playing a grand piano through a meticulous key-by-key digital simulation of these subtle differences in touch.

Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source reproduces the beautiful sound of a grand piano

■ Rich sustain makes for comfortable playing

This sound source seamlessly reproduces the natural changes in tone from the moment a note sounds until its finish, including changes in both volume and timbre. It also reproduces the reverberations and characteristics of the piano, resulting in even richer sounding piano sustain.

■ Acoustic Simulator reproduces grand piano string resonance and action sounds

The PX-S1000RD model achieves a realistic feel of the timbre of a grand piano by reproducing the resonance of strings with frequencies closely associated with those being played, as well as the resonance that occurs when strings are released by depressing the damper pedal. This feature also reproduces the sounds of a grand piano’s action that occur when playing a pianissimo note, and when releasing a key.

Audio playback feature uses Bluetooth® to provide more ways to enjoy your digital piano

The user can listen to their favorite songs played through the speakers of the PX-S1000RD model, and listen with the surround effect to enjoy the feeling of a live performance in their home.

Connectivity with Casio’s dedicated Chordana Play for Piano app enables intuitive piano operation

Users can connect the PX-S1000RD to a smartphone or tablet and operate various piano settings from the app screen, for example, to change the tone or play preset songs.

The Casio PX-S1000RD will be available in stores end of September 2019.

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