Casio PX-S7000 Wins iF Gold Award, NY Product Design Gold & Silver Awards

Casio PX-S7000 Wins Awards

Casio Music UK has announced that its stylish new PX-S7000 has won three prestigious accolades – the iF Design Gold Award and both Gold and Silver awards at the NY Product Design Awards for two different categories. Through its bold and innovative design, the PX-S7000 has taken the piano world by storm and successfully disrupted what the traditional appearance of a digital piano should be.

Receiving the highest commendation at the iF Design Awards – one of the most important and prestigious design awards in the world – the PX-S7000 was awarded the iF Gold Award, a notable accolade that reflects Casio’s commitment to exceptional product design. In recognising the piano, the award organisers commented via statement: “The Casio ePiano marries extraordinary technical and mechanical quality to formal, composed aesthetics. In addition to high-gloss coloured surfaces, woods and textiles are finely coordinated across the three models, ensuring seamless integration into any living space.”

In addition to this, the PX-S7000 was also honoured with two more distinguished awards at the NY Product Design Awards. The digital piano was named a Gold Winner in the Smart Home – Home Entertainment Category and a Silver Winner in the Musical Instrument – Keyboards Category for the NY Product Design Awards.

The PX-S7000 – the flagship model of the Privia Series – sets a new standard in digital pianos with a high specification, which includes a newly developed hybrid wooden hammer keyboard and a contemporary look that appeals to a wide range of musicians – enabling them to hit all the right notes.

Not only is this exceptional instrument award-winning, but it continues to embody unparalleled style and elegance having recently been featured in The Review’s behind-the-scenes film of Lamborghini’s last naturally aspirated V12 supercar – the Aventador Ultimae. Acclaimed composer, Stephen Sims, chose to write and produce the accompanying score utilising the PX-S7000 and the film intertwines the piano alongside the car so befittingly that it justifies how both are synonymous in exquisite design and equal on so many levels. The use of the piano is fitting for a final farewell to this heavyweight supercar which is set to be the last of its kind.

Neil Evans, Head of Casio Music UK, said, “We are thrilled to announce that the Casio PX-S7000 has won not one, not two, but THREE prestigious awards, in recognition of its exceptional quality, superior technology, and unparalleled performance. And not only that, this flagship model also features alongside the premium and iconic brand, Lamborghini, making it a true masterpiece to behold. We are immensely proud of this groundbreaking achievement and look forward to sharing the joy of music with every passionate and dedicated musician out there.”

With the increasing demand for space-efficient and contemporary lifestyle products, Casio has stayed true to its philosophy of creating something out of nothing. Its flagship model, the PX-S7000 embodies this spirit by offering a compact and modern design that seamlessly blends into any living space. This daring approach towards design is ingrained in the DNA of the Casio corporation and has greatly contributed to its success in the digital piano market. To read more about The Review’s dedicated feature on the PX-S7000, head here and for more information on the PX-S7000, please visit


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