CASIOTONE CT-S1000V Brings State Of The Art Vocal Synthesis To All Musicians

Casio CT-S1000V

Casio Music UK, has announced the launch of its Casiotone CT-S500 and CT-S1000V that deliver a whole new musical experience. The CT-S1000V is the first vocal synthesiser that can literally turn any text — such as song lyrics — into a musical phrase and then “sing” it in full harmony based on any notes played on its keys.

Casio was the first company to make sampling available to everyone with its SK-1 keyboard in 1985.


The CT-S1000V is an electronic keyboard for musicians and music creators who want to enjoy new kinds of keyboard expression and music production. The model is equipped with Vocal Synthesis, a newly developed onboard sound source technology – not necessarily to sound exactly like the human voice, but it enables the keyboard to enunciate and express emotion just like it. The CT-S1000V fulfils this creative dream by tapping into an activity almost everyone does every day: typing text.

In developing the new technology, Casio has built 100 Lyric Tones into the CT-S1000V, consisting of phrases that are inspired by familiar songs which can be overwritten so that the user can create their own original lyrics and edit pronunciation details with the dedicated Lyric Creator app. No keyboard instrument has ever before been able to speak and sing with this degree of ease and musicality. The electronic keyboard supports both English and Japanese text.


For customised lyrics, users can simply type words into the companion Lyric Creator app for iOS® and Android® devices. These are then transmitted into the CT-S1000V via USB cable and played using any of its 22 Vocalist types, including talkboxes, processed choirs, robot voices, vocoders and whispered voices, all drawn from the history of synthetic vocals in pop music. There are two performance modes for intuitive playing – in “Phrase Mode”, phrases can be played all at once and in time, according to a set rhythm when keys are pressed, whereas in “Note Mode”, phrases can be played one syllable at a time as new notes are played with or without legato. They can also be sequenced together to play complete songs.

The CT-S1000V offers an array of features that make it easy for the user to immediately start playing music on the go. The AiX tone source offers 800 high resolution sounds from all types of instruments and the 64-voice polyphony will ensure that users will never run out of notes to play. In addition, the CT-S1000V’s unique horizontal bass reflex system, which efficiently secures space inside a slim body, delivers a powerful sound that is full of presence.

With three assignable real-time controllers, a vast array of synth sounds (including some iconic CZ & VZ vintage tones), coupled with 150 arpeggiator effects, there is enough for the synth aficionados to get stuck into. As well as a free wireless dongle for Bluetooth audio streaming, the built-in sampler and quarter-inch line outputs ensure the CT-S1000V sits comfortably in any home studio setup for the creative musician of today.


Musicians who want to cover everything that the CT-S1000V can bring without the Vocal Synthesis technology can enjoy Casio’s second new product release – the CT-S500 at an even more compelling price. This advanced keyboard boasts features such as 800 high-resolution sounds, a horizontal bass reflex system delivering a powerful low end, built-in speakers as well as the ability to connect to external speakers.Casio CT-S500

Neil Evans, Head of Casio EMI, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to finally reveal our stellar new product – the CT-S1000V. This innovative keyboard will deliver a musical experience like no other, thanks to its Vocal Synthesis technology. Being able to convert text into vocalised phrases, offers musicians all kinds of endless fun and unlimited creative possibilities. We are sure that this new keyboard will inspire a whole new generation of music makers worldwide.”

Pricing & Availability

The CT- S1000V will be available to purchase for RRP £429, and the CT-S500 will have a price of RRP £379.

Both models are available now at music instrument retailers nationwide as well as online at and


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