CUK Audio Move Into Acoustic Guitar Distribution with Dowina Guitars

CUK Audio, the exclusive distributor of some of the most famous professional audio, video and musical instrument brands have made the move into acoustic guitar distribution. And what a great way to start out with one of the worlds best quality acoustic guitar makers, Dowina (pronounced Do-vi-na). A family-owned brand of traditional handcrafted acoustic guitars from Slovakia. Dowina has been producing high-quality instruments from their workshops in Bratislava since 1979 and is well known for its master craftsmanship, attention to detail and a strong ethos of quality over quantity.

Shop Solid Top Guitars Starting at $295

CUK Audio will be bringing a full range of Dowina acoustics and electro-acoustics to the UK and Ireland including some very fine hybrid and parlour styles guitars in both steel and nylon strung versions. Available beginning June/July prices start at a very reasonable £299 for some of the entry-level solid top Antique series and go up to £2999 for the all-solid construction master luthier built ‘Master’ series.

NOTE: Since this article first appeared, CUK is no long the UK distributor for Dowina Guitars. If you are interested in stocking these wonderful instruments please contact Erika Marinova directly at


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