GuitarGuitar Epsom UK

GuitarGuitar have twice in the past been our dealer of the month and given their level of customer service it’s not hard to see why.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a couple of hours at GuitarGuitar in Epsom, Surrey recently. It’s a fantastic store and if you are in the area do drop in. It’s complete guitar heaven!

Upon entering the store I spent about 10 minutes wandering around looking at the enormous selection of guitars on display. Apparently they have around 1000 in stock and I can well believe it. After a while I decided to wander up to the other end of the store and see what they had there. On my way a large glass door slid open to my left and a sales guy was coming out of a room there and asked if I wanted to go in, so I did and upon doing so I found myself in a large sound proofed room that was wall to wall with a fantastic selection of yet more acoustic guitars. I could easily have spent all day in that room alone but of course there was plenty more to see.

Guitarguitar Epsom Store

After a bit of drooling over a lot of guitars way out of my price range I was just about to leave the room when another sales guy came in to put a guitar back on one of the walls so I took the opportunity to ask if they had any Breedlove guitars in stock as that is what I had originally come to look at. He said he thought there might be one so he went off to check and then came back just a few moments later with one in hand, in fact the only one they had. It wasn’t the model I wanted to look at but he said he would find me a booth so I could try it out in peace and quiet.

So off we went, Breedlove in hand, on the way I explained the sort of guitar I was looking for, preferably cedar top and less than £500. I suggested perhaps a Seagull.  So we had a quick look on one of the many walls of guitars and found a few cedar topped models. I took one to test, having let the Breedlove go by the wayside. Actually in this place it’s very easy to lose track of what you came in for. When presented with so much choice you start moving the goal posts very quickly!

The Seagull sounded really nice but didn’t feel as good to play as I thought it would. The action was just a little too high for comfort so I thought maybe a Sigma might be worth testing (I did purchase a Seagull S6 Original later by the way) Off went the sales assistant and and a few minutes later he came back with a Sigma..not sure of the model but it had a mahogany top and as I had pretty much let go of the ‘must be cedar’ thing I was more than happy to give it a go. The Sigma was nice. It played well with a good action and sounded great but I think I was so used to playing Spruce topped guitars that it would have taken more time than I had available to get used to the less bright sound of mahogany.

GuitarGuitar Epsom Store 2

I also tried a Freshman FABSUMM Grand Auditorium Cedar w/Fishman that was hanging on the wall in the sound booth (guitars everywhere in this store!) which at just £299 was a bit of a bargain but I couldn’t quite make up my mind about it, nice looking guitar though and were I sticking to a budget of under £300 it would have been worth considering for sure.

So I had another chat with the sales guy about the sort of thing I was looking for. Off he goes and about 5 minutes later comes back with a Taylor and a spruce top at that. I always liked Taylor guitars but didn’t think I could afford one. I have never wanted a Baby Taylor which was more in my price range as I am not really into travel guitars which is essentially what they are. The one he brought however was full size and just a little under £500. As soon as I played It I could tell it was worth every penny of the asking price. Only down side is there were no electronics. I asked if there was one with a pickup and was told there was but it was over £500. At this point I could see I was not going to stay within that £500 limit so I asked him to bring it and within a few moments he was back with the Taylor 114e and left me to play with it for a while.

I switched back and forth between the Taylor, the Seagull and the Sigma and it was very clear which one felt right for me. So I went for the Taylor.

I figured whilst I was there I may as well replace my old Mackie Spike audio interface so also bought the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen and the guys at GuitarGuitar kindly knocked £25 off the total price of guitar and interface.

Have to say this was one of the best experiences I have ever had in a music store. The sales personnel were great, they found the guitars I wanted to try and left me to play them in a sound proof booth for as long as I wanted, answered all my questions and found the answers to anything they didn’t already know the answer to…which was not much.

As a result of this wonderful level of customer service there is absolutely no doubt that I will be taking another trip to GuitarGuitar Epsom when looking for my next guitar.