MOXF6 help

Yamaha MOXF6 Music Production Synthesizer boasts a rich collection of instrument voices that includes pianos, electric pianos, strings, wind instruments, orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, and drums, as well as a wide variety of vintage and modern synth sounds.

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MOXF6 help

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I have been using the MOXF6 because I love much I have two using one as the main unit and having the other for a backup should anything go wrong with the main unit.
I have recorded about 27 songs onboard on one unit for playback during live performances. I have run into a couple of issues of which I cannot find the answers... and I am no tech, so please forgive what might be simple issues. I have also tried to find the answers through many different resources without direct input...

1. I have the MOXF6 with the 1GB Flash Expansion in it. I have recorded about 27 songs and I now get the 'sequence full' issue. How do I get rid of that?

2. Can I take the songs I recorded on the unit and save them elsewhere to open up more capabilities for recording 'in' the unit AND be able to access quickly during a live performance?

3. If I have a recorded song, how can I upload a sound/sample and assign to a single key on just that song?

I really would appreciate anyone's knowledge on any of this. I really need to be able to record to the unit.

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