Before Buying a Ketron SD1000:my advice.

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Before Buying a Ketron SD1000:my advice.

Unread post by Denv12 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:21 pm

For anyone thinking of investing in a Ketron SD1000 sound module,I suggest you look into a few things first.The SD1000 and SD2 modules dont have a built in display screen.

1)If you are going to connect to a digital piano which doesnt have a screen I suggest you buy an ipad/tablet or computer and DAW software and connect via USB.Run the module that way.

2)If you have a digital piano that does have its own screen then you can use the display screen and piano buttons to activate each tone/sounds.This is what I have done.But first you will need a "Midi Solutions" brand product with built in Mid filter.This solves the bugging issue with the Midi Port.Use any product of their except for Thru Boxes and Power Adapter products.

You can but a 2-Input Midi Merger by "Midi Solutions".This solves that problem.You connect 1 Midi cable from piano out to the IN A on the merger,another Midi cable from OUT on the merger to Midi In on the SD1000.I bought the Programmable Input Selector because it was the the least expensive they had in stock and I didnt want to wait weeks for the merger to arrive in stock.

3)If you are going to use the module for all the bells and whistles I suggest going for connection with USB by connecting between piano,module and computer with DAW software.This would be appropriate for those who are using other instruments other than a digital piano.

Please note,the Ketron SD2 sound module doesnt have any faults straight out of the box.It doesnt have a display screen either.

Here are some links: ... &Itemid=20
CAM01176 (676 x 507).jpg
Ketron SD1000 connected with "Midi Solutions" Programmable Input Selector" connected to Roland RD700SX stage piano.
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