CSP-170 Issues

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CSP-170 Issues

Unread post by KenChaks » Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:39 am

Bought this last week. I have encountered 2 problems with it straight from the off. (a) some of the keys (i would say most) make a rattling noise audible enough to be irritating. (b) Every now and then, more or less randomly, a note suddenly truncates as if played staccato instead of legato. The USB-B port on the piano is connected to my iPad Pro 12.9.

Questions: (i) Is the rattling noise a 'run-in' issue, i.e. will this settle over time --- would be good to hear from fellow users. (ii) anyone every experiences this disruptive, random note truncation? What was the solution?

My dealer has been very helpful by the way but just thought i'd ask around in case this is a "known" issue???

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