Dual instruments Balance setup?

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Dual instruments Balance setup?

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Context: I am using a CLP 665, but this should be same on most CLPs, I guess...
Target: change permanently the balance when in Dual instruments

When I move to Dual, I use a piano + strings, the Strings come out too loud.

I have tried to find how to change the balance on the CLP screen, and with the instruction manual... But could not find a way.
I have been able to temporarily change the balance in Smart Pianist, but if I stop the Dual and get back to it, it come back to its default with loud Strings.

How can the default be changed so that I find my preferred balance every time I get into Dual?
Must be sort of a standard request to have a custom setup that replaces the standard default version... :-) ... I must just be missing the obvious here, hopefully... :-)
Thanks in advance for your suggestions and solutions.

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