CVP-701 not saving files as expected

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CVP-701 not saving files as expected

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I'm having a problem saving the registration files properly by following instructions in the user guides. First, I'd like to copy a song file from a folder ( just one song - not the entire folder). Apparently can't do that? Then I try to copy the entire folder and paste it to a USB drive and some of the information gets lost.

I think part of the problem lies with the popup "registration file has changed. Do you want to save?" I click yes and when I recall the file some of the registration information is lost. So I try to play it safe and copy the folder to a USB drive and apparently some of the bad info is retained in the cache or something. I've spent hours trying to figure out the copy/paste protocol and keep losing data. Is anyone else having this problem??

Next, the [file/folder] registration [parent/child] relationships is hard to figure out. I tried saving files to folders and must be going beyond the acceptable number of branches.

I'll try to take good notes and post more detail but after spending hours losing data and trying to backup files I decided to first post here and see if there are some glitches or unusual routines that I need to be aware of.

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