M1 and M1R/M1REX 'Cool Blue' upgrade

Korg's M1 was the benchmark by which all other workstations were measured. Still very usable today it has become something of a "classic" and definitely deserves a spot here on Yamaha Forums UK.

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M1 and M1R/M1REX 'Cool Blue' upgrade

Unread post by Miks » Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:25 pm

Hi folks,

yesterday I've finished my 'Cool Blue' upgrades for my M1 & M1REX... see pics:

M1 - 1.gif
M1 - 2.gif
M1REX - 1.gif
M1REX - 2.gif
My (key related) gear (in alphabetical order):
Ferrofish: B4000+
Kawai: K1 II
Korg: M1 (up'd to EX, w/ 'Cool Blue'), M1REX (w/ 'Cool Blue'), Poly-800
Roland: D-50, D-110, D-550, PG-1000
Yamaha: AW1600, DX7IID (w/ 'Cool Blue'), EX5R, RM50, RX5, SY99 (w/ 'Cool Blue'), TG500,
TX-802, YMM2
Sector101: SYEMB05 (5x), SYEMB06 (3x), EXFLM2 (1kit), MCD Sweet16 (1x), DataBlade32 (1x),
WaveBlade 8MB Card (1x) & 1x Programmer Unit for WaveBlade
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