Reface DX won't be contolled by midi keyboard

Yamaha reface CP/DX/CS/YC mini keyboards

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Reface DX won't be contolled by midi keyboard

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This will be a bit complicated. I have a Crumar Mojo 61 two manual (keyboard) organ/piano. I am using the Crumar's MJU Arduino device as a midi power source for the lower manual to try to control the Reface DX.
I am using the DX's breakout cable as it states in the manual,( the midi IN to the MJU midi OUT) and the MJU midi IN connected to the midi OUT of the Crumar lower manual , which is the midi connection and power source for the Crumar's lower manual, ( it turns the lower manual into a stand alone midi controller).
The Crumar tech sees that I have the MJU connected properly between the lower manual and the Reface DX, but no sound comes forth when I play the lower manual.
So, is there some switch within the Reface DX's controls that will allow it to receive the midi signal from the lower manual via the MJU?
I hope that I am being clear?

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