Select Parts on the MX49 Using MIDI

The MX series combines Motif XS sounds, USB Audio/MIDI connectivity and advanced DAW/VST controller features at a ground breaking level of affordability.

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Select Parts on the MX49 Using MIDI

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I'm fully aware that the MX series has parts assigned to separate MIDI channels. I use Ableton Live and using a MIDI clip, I can send Program Changes to my MX to change Performances. However, within my performance, I have say 3-4 sounds. Now I can set up a chain with multiple external instrument instances to change MIDI Channel and then automate the chain selector in time with my tracks. But the problem is that I have MIDI going into Ableton through the chain and coming out as MIDI back into the synthesizer, causing latency. Yes. It is not much. But I was just wondering if there is a program change message that can be sent to the controller to mimic someone physically pressing the part button and it illuminating red. A more elegant solution, basically.

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Re: Select Parts on the MX49 Using MIDI

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Program Change messages can't be used to select individual Parts, nor can they emulate a button press.

My experience with the Motif family is that there may be undocumented SysEx Parameter Change messages. They can sometimes be discovered by pressing the button in question while monitoring with a MIDI utility. That should be done while looking at Port 1 (tone generator port) and Port 5 (Editor port). Any SysEx generated that's directed to Port 1 might work when sent to the MX. Any directed to Port 5 might work after the fifth byte (model ID) of the message is changed to "17". If nothing is found using this method then it's unlikely such a command exists.
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