Can midi file be transformed into mp3 file in MX88?

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Can midi file be transformed into mp3 file in MX88?

Unread post by yarrb » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:29 pm

yamaha mx88
I'm relatively new to the MX88 and have Cubase A1 installed (latest version) and also DP 9.5 and I'm MAC Pro (Os 10.11.6). Can I transform midi files in MX88 to mp3 files without using an extra audio interface like MOTU 828? In other words, can I transform from midi to mp3 using only the USB connection, or must I use an additional audio interface like MOTU 828? And also, must I have a virtual instrument in my MAC to get a quality result.

So far it hasn't worked (using only the USB connection).
(I know you are Cubase. If you can give me instructions in Cubase, on how to accomplish this, I'll follow you.)

I used DP in my mp3 transformation attempt. When I ask DP (for instance) to make a mp3, it shows a file size but no sound.

If in DP I use Setup-Configure Audio->Hardware Driver-> Yamaha Series Port 1-1 (etc) I hear the sounds.
If instead I use built-int (in Mac) I don't hear the sounds and for OUTPUT the options are DP output I or Yam Series, Port 1-1.

I will have over a 1000 midi files to convert to mp3 in the project I'm working on. Obviously a big deal for me.
But it also may be of interest to other MX users as well. And I don't want to use General Midi file sounds. I want the
more gorgeous mx88 sounds to be heard in the mp3 files.

I thank you sincerely in advance for whatever light you can share on this.
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Re: Can midi file be transformed into mp3 file in MX88?

Unread post by javelin276 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:28 pm

You need to record the Audio Output from the MX88, not the USB communications.

I run the midi files to my keyboards from my PC through the USB connection, then I run the audio out jacks on the back of the keyboard into a mixer (I'm generally using more than one synth for the recordings) then the output from the mixer goes into the stereo microphone input on my PC soundcard. I run something like Audacity to record the stereo microphone input and save the result to MP3.

You could also use the Headphone Out jack on the MX88, plugged directly into the soundcard Microphone In jack.

There are a hundred ways to do this, but I don't think the USB port is the answer.
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