are there vibes (voice) and 3/4 meter in mx88??

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are there vibes (voice) and 3/4 meter in mx88??

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should be simple, maybe im just blind: I cant find any vibes voices in the mx88, same with a 3/4 meter for waltz... tried to check the listing online too but just couldnt see it, at the same time cant imagine they didnt build any in? i wanted to make recordings with them:(

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Re: are there vibes (voice) and 3/4 meter in mx88??

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There are two preset voices with "Vibes" in their names:

Main:CP, Sub:Malet, Number:002, "Vibes Bow"
Main:CP, Sub:Malet, Number:006, "Vibes"

There is one 3/4 arpeggio:

Category:Str, ARP No.:324, "IrishHymnC"

Hope that helps!
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