Synth patch tutorials

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Synth patch tutorials

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**@Admin. Feel free to move this. I couldnt decide where the best place was to post it**

I have been watching this guy walking through making patches on his synth. He picks sounds from well-known songs (lots of 80s synth stuff - I particularly liked the Dr Who one), and I add it here as:
1. its very useful,
2. I find it not only informative (Im no newbie to sound design) but somehow very relaxing and calming...I watch a few before bedtime :D

On a tangent: I actually like the BRIGHT YELLOW of this synth. BTW: Its powered by Waldorf; mention that since Studiologic IMO is not very well known (apologies to owners and lovers lol). Makes me also want to get a more hands-on KNOBBY synth and no menu-screen-diving-hell.

Anyway, here is the link to the full playlist.
For some reason the playlist started for me running backwards from 60-01 :think:


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