Gain at max and levels questions on a MG12XU

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Gain at max and levels questions on a MG12XU

Unread post by Eradik »

Hi all! I just picked up a MG12XU to finally get into professional audio recording for some projects I’ll be doing. I also picked up a Electro-Voice Co9 Cobalt connected to the mixer via XLR. Here’s my issue: Using the mic, the sound meter thing on the right never goes up more than one, sometimes two in green (it never hits the yellow/0 areas on the meter), and I have to have the gain at max. The fader on the bottom is at 0.

When I have music playing, the sound meter reports fine and goes up to yellow appropriately. Also, the red peek light on the mic line has never lit up. Even when yelling into the mic with everything at max.

The audio sounds good in the computer. I have to have the stereo fader down pretty low, though.

I’ve checked PAD (it’s off) And when I test it with the channel off using PFL I can get the meter to report properly (though still with the gain all the way up) with some yelling.
I suppose what I’m after, is why my gain needs to be maxed? Is there another option? I’d like to have more breathing room in the future with regards to gain and not just have to max it. Also, why does it feel like the sound meter doesn’t work? Am I overthinking all of this?

Thank you!

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Re: Gain at max and levels questions on a MG12XU

Unread post by parametric »

Hi Eradik - and welcome to the forums . . . .

Seems like you have already made most of the checks I would do . . . .

As you say - the Pad should be OUT to make the most of the Mic signal level . . . .

The combined XLR/TRS sockets should take care of the expected levels of sources . . .

The XLR should expect a low signal, but the TRS would expect Line Level -10dbA - or Pro Level +4dbA

. . . normally switcheable, but not relevant here to your problem . . .

Some mixers have switches to set Mike OR Line for a channel, but the MG12 does not seem to have or need? them.

Make sure that the compression is not engaged . . . best set them all to "state zero" 'til required . . . . :idea:

That goes for ALL the FX settings, and Bus routings for that matter . . . .

At the Uni where I used to work - we insisted that the last 10 minutes of a session was dedicated to removing ALL Patch

cables and ZEROING the Mixer So the next user didn't walk into a bunch of strange settings on the Mixer - IYSWIM . . . . .

Basic level setting is done with the GAIN - as you say - but it shouldn't need to be at full bore . . . .

I don't know the EV Mikes - are they particularly low output? That model looks to be their "Sm58" IYSWIM . . . . ?

Try a different Channel - it shouldn't make any difference . . . .

Beyond that - I'm stumped. Have you a different Dynamic Mike you could try?



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