Master FX on a performance?

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Master FX on a performance?

Unread post by Chummy »

Hya folks

I'm breaking my head as to how to do this. Adding efx to a single part within an 8 part performance is pretty easy, but what if I wanna add global efx to everything? so even future instruments that I add to a performance will benefit from said efx?

Anyway what I did is highlight the performance name> then I get this EFX tab in edit mode where I actually see effects but whatever I put in there no matter which effects (tried choruses, flanger, phasers, distortion, to the extremes and none worked) and I did check all the buttons are "on" in the routing and MFX and in the right amount of dry>wet ratio those doesn't seem to work and affect the performance. Why? I mean I'm pretty savvy at tech there's no way if I couldn't figure it out how is this supposed to be user friendly I have no idea.

Maybe I'm blind and missed something obvious that would make me facepalm? I really hope I did because if there's some hidden deep menu functions I need to alter that's a huge design mistake. Anyway would be really glad if one of you guys know the answer why the master performance EFX I dialed didn't work.

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Re: Master FX on a performance?

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Shamelessly copying from another of my posts on a different thread :-):
There are three types of effects:
Insert effects: Those belong to the parts. Every part has two of them which belong individually to the part. For every element of the part you can decide if it goes through none of them, one of them or both of them. If an element goes through the insert effect, the mix of the insert effect decides on the amount of effect you have on the element. If the mix is set so that only the effect is heard, then you hear nothing of the original. That's why it is called "insert", it is inserted between the element and the outputs. Note that the A/D input is handled like an additional part and also has its own two insert effects.
Send effects: Those belong to the performance. There are two of them (and to be clear: they are called "Reverb" and "Variation" but I guess that's for historical reasons, only. They are identical, you can chose from the same palette of effects). They are called "sends" because for each part you can decide how much of the parts output is "sent" to the effect in parallel to the normal output from the part. Thus you can add effects to the sounds. But with the effect settings you cannot lower the output of the original signal coming from the part because that's going to the output in any case.
Master effect: This belongs to the performance. There is one master effect. It affects everything sounding in the performance. So you can use a global compressor, presence, EQs and similar to enhance the whole performance.
In addition to that you have various EQs. Every element has one. Every part has two. The performance has one master EQ. And every of the mentioned effect types (insert, send, master) could also be configured to be an equalizer (which is then a bit more capable).
What you want to achieve can be either done with the performances' send effects or the master effect. Let's assume you want to have a reverb which is available to all parts. Say you use the "reverb" send effect to chose some reverb. Now since this is a send effect, you have to make sure that you actually send from the part to that effect. To check from the performance home screen select the "Mixing" tab. You then see a mixer and you can see all the "Rev Send" settings for all parts. Make sure they are >0.

If that does not help Utilities -> Effect Switch and make sure that all the effect types are actually on...

If that does not help either, try to look at some of the preset performances and see what you are doing differently.

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