Montage, Correcting Midi in Cubase

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Montage, Correcting Midi in Cubase

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I actually have two issues

First, when I record a midi part in cubase from Montage that has multiple parts in the performance, I get an equal amount of midi parts recorded. So if the performance has four parts there are four midi parts. If I play a 3 note cord with a base note in total I'll get 16 midi notes. If I need to make a midi correction, I now have to make multiple corrections in Cubase to each note. In the case above if I wanted to change all the notes I'd have to make 16 corrections. Is there a way to adjust all the parts in a note at one time?

The second problem relates to the above. If I'm recording a midi part using the montage in Native Instruments, EZ keys etc and my Montage categories search in in a performance with multiple parts I will get multiple parts recorded in cubase in whatever program I'm using. So I have to make sure Montage is set to a single part performance. Is there a way to avoid this?

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