sustain pedal problem

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sustain pedal problem

Unread post by cherrytreecot » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:55 pm

Montage 7 Firmware 2.50.2

I use the piano voices a lot and just recently the sustain pedal has started to "hang on"

When the sustain pedal is depressed it sustains the notes played correctly. However, when I release the sustain pedal it does not release the notes immediately, it hangs the notes on for about 0.5 seconds before releasing.

I thought at first it might be a local control on/off problem because I'm using the montage through my Cakewalk Sonar X3 DAW, but it makes no difference to the problem if local control is on or off.

Any ideas anyone - it's really screwing up my playing!!
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Re: sustain pedal problem

Unread post by Miks » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:43 pm

I have absolutely NO experience with a Montage - but have you tested with another pedal? Seems to me as if sometimes the 'switch' itself hangs a bit after releasing the pedal and then acts with a small delay...? Just a thought... :think:
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Re: sustain pedal problem

Unread post by Les Turnbull » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:56 am

I don't no if the switch is latching or none latching type but both should switch off instantly . Try a Multi meter across the cable socket to check if the switch is hanging in the on position .
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Re: sustain pedal problem

Unread post by cherrytreecot » Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:14 am

Hi Guys,

It's the pedal! This is rather disappointing as it's new. Interestingly, if I reverse the contacts such that it normally sustains and silences when the pedal is pressed, it stops instantly.

Could be the microswitch,so I'll take it apart and buzz it out.

Thanks again. Should have thought of trying this myself first really - duh!

Regards to both,

Mike -
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Re: sustain pedal problem

Unread post by parametric » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:16 pm

Sustain Pedal polarity is a perennial problem. There are two wires - so there's two ways of doing it. :roll:

IME, Korg and Yamaha take opposing views (for instance).

Case in point, my Yamaha Pedal plugged into a Korg Digital Grand - produced continuous sustain until the pedal was pressed . . . .

I'm talking 20 years ago - so things may have changed . . . . ;)

I eventually modded THAT pedal with a toggle switch to make it reversible.

One thing to note with pedals. Plug them IN before you power-ON.

Boards that are intelligent enough/NEW enough will check the pedal state and connect correctly . . .

Otherwise you need to have the correct pedal for the board . . . or modify yours as I described above . . . :)


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Re: sustain pedal problem

Unread post by Kurzweil » Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:31 pm

My experience has been that any Fatar-based keyboard (namely Korg and Kurzweil and their house brand, Studio Logic) plus Casio use N.O. (normally open) pedal switches. This to me is the logical method, as it works like a light switch, open when OFF, closed when ON.

Roland and Yamaha do the reverse, namely their pedals are normally closed (n.C.), i.e. SHORTED, and pressing it opens the circuit. These two companies have the largest market share, to my knowledge, so that somewhat supports their methodology. Same argument as saying that Microsoft MUST be the most correct since they are the 800 lb gorilla. Also to R & Y's credit is that they are among the very few keyboard manufacturers that build their own keybeds (so does Casio). Many believe all of these keybeds to be superior to those of Fatar.

Kurzweil has always been auto-sensing; you can use ANY pedal provided that the "wrong" one is connected prior to power-on, as was suggested by Parametric. Some of the others may do this also but it would be a recent improvement. Kurzweil has always had what is called "patch remain", namely the ability to sustain the previous patch while the new one is loaded. To their discredit, any "worminess" issues that I have ever had with a digital keyboard have been with a Kurzweil. As I like to say, the only synthesizer made containing a PANIC BUTTON - - - or the need for one.
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