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FM-X Development Story

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:48 am
by Derek
Some interesting background in this article. ... ment-story

As well as a mention on the inevitable DX7, the SY range and FS1r get a mention along with a PAMS prototype system that I have never heard of before, along with an FSP1 prototype. Also some interesting pictures of development rigs before they get shrunk down into custom integrated circuits. You wouldn't do it that way these days (DSPs and FPGAs can be used for prototyping), but in the 70s/80s you had little choice).

Whilst searching for the FSP1 to see if I could find more on it (nope), I also found that this article appeared in the Music Production guides produced by Easy Sounds, which I missed as I did not have my Montage in 2016 when they were published. So I think when time permits I need to go back and check these earlier ones out for Montage content, which would also be applicable to MODX. ... _03_EN.pdf - (A history of FM synthesis and Montage FM-X Guide PT1) ... _04_EN.pdf - (FM-X Development Story and Montage FM-X Guide PT2)