Need help for building a libray with user space sounds

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Need help for building a libray with user space sounds

Unread post by FEB » Fri May 03, 2019 6:17 pm

I have recently bought a Montage 8. So, I'm not familiar with it, it will come, my last Yamaha synths were a TX81Z and, of course, a DX7.
I have plenty of sounds (performances ?) in my user space and some grouped coming from some X7A that I've got.
This is not clear for me.
I can find those sounds but it's not easy and not secure.
I want to merge all that in one or two libraries (I understand the concept).
But the dilemna is to regroup only a part of those sounds, some are not useful for me.
So, I want to recall it on the screen (I know how to do ...), select the good ones, add it to the new library saved on a USB stick.
Recall other sounds coming from an other X7A file and repeat the process.
But I have no idea for achieving my goal.
Of course, when it will be done, I will place some in my Set List. But, first, the library.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,
François from Auvergne.
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