Yamaha Montage Start Up Time and Flash Memory

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Re: Yamaha Montage Start Up Time and Flash Memory

Unread post by AJay » Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:30 pm

Saul wrote:I recently loaded the Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand Piano library into the Montage and it took about 10 minutes to transfer. Given that the same size file would have taken around 30 minutes on the XF/MOXF you can easily see the difference!

Now whilst that Flash loading thing has indeed improved quite dramatically I still have to question why you cannot simply drag and drop from your computer? At the moment you have to download the file then transfer it to a USB stick that has been formatted on the Montage and finally load it into Montage. I'm sure there is a sensible explanation for this but at the moment I can't think of one.

Just about to update the firmware on the Montage to v1.20 so perhaps thing will improve even more after this.
That's about Motif ES speed, from SM card to RAM, not fast but at least it's loaded into flash ROM instead of DRAM and therefore doesn't have to be loaded at each power up, unless deleted.

Direct D&D from PC to Montage wave memory is not possible. Montage flash is wave memory only, it is not used as a storage device, like a PC or any other computer would. It cannot be accessed directly from USB and even if it could, the PC would not recognise it because a PC OS expects storage media to be formatted with a supported filesystem e.g. FAT32.

There are 2 ways around this:

1) USB sample dump. Likely requires Montage OS update and custom written utility for Win/Lin/Mac OS.
2) Montage FTP support. Likely requires Montage OS update, a compatible USB->Network adapter and PC FTP client.

Both of these methods will allow a user to view the contents of the Montage Wave memory as a list (rather like Akai MESA for S series), therefore allowing Montage wave data that is downloaded/stored on PC to be transferred directly.

Option 1 is cheapest for the user as it's software only but could be platform restricted if Yamaha doesn't support any other OS other than Win, especially if they don't release the protocol details for third party support. Option 2 will be slower and will not allow a user to send selected waves/samples instead of the whole file.

It's very unlikely that the OS update will change the speed of the sample installation.
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Re: Yamaha Montage Start Up Time and Flash Memory

Unread post by Saul » Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:24 pm

Thanks AJay. Though there might have been a reasonable explanation and that seems to be it. Would it not however be possible to "mount" the flash drive that is plugged into the usb port on the Montage? So you could then drag and drop to that?
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