LS-TA amplified: problem with piezo?

The TransAcoustic guitar is an instrument that uses a built in transducer and on-board processing to produce the same incredible sound found in a great sounding room without a need for external amps or effects.

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LS-TA amplified: problem with piezo?

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Hi guys I'm new to the forum.
I'm from Italy. Currently I have an LS-TA which I love, amplified trough a brand new Yamaha THR10II.

Well, when playing chords palm muting the string, with a firm strong picking, I tend to hit saddle too, with hand.
Here's the problem: when hitting saddle (and piezo under it consequently) an annoying very loud noise comes from amp. It's a general piezo problem that I haven't know or is a specific LS-TA problem?

Thank you

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