LL-TA/LS-TA Mid-Range EQ Adjustments

The TransAcoustic guitar is an instrument that uses a built in transducer and on-board processing to produce the same incredible sound found in a great sounding room without a need for external amps or effects.

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LL-TA/LS-TA Mid-Range EQ Adjustments

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I have owned my LS-TA for nearly a year now and have never adjusted the EQ until today.

Upon adjusting, I seem to get inconsistent results and cannot seem to get it back to factory settings.

I am seeking clarity on the what exactly it is doing to the eq within the range. The manual leaves a bit of mystery behind its function.

For the sake of consistency:
All values are determined by looking down at the vol knob from the playing position.
2:30-3:30 clockwise is the range of the knob that is non-functional. So the range counter-clockwise (rotating left) between these values are the workable range.

Thanks for the input,

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Re: LL-TA/LS-TA Mid-Range EQ Adjustments

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Hi Mike, welcome to the forums :)

I rarely use the EQ on the built-in electronics on any guitar so this is a bit of a guess but I would probably try removing the battery, move all the adjustments back to zero or their centre position and then put the battery back in. I have no idea if that would set it back to its factory default but it can't hurt to try :) By the way, is that a new battery? Inconsistent results could be the result of a low voltage :think:
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