Weird noise from brand New LL-TA when in Reverb mode

The TransAcoustic guitar is an instrument that uses a built in transducer and on-board processing to produce the same incredible sound found in a great sounding room without a need for external amps or effects.

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Weird noise from brand New LL-TA when in Reverb mode

Unread post by jp98052 »

Hi All,
I wonder if any of you could possibly help with something:

I just received my brand new and otherwise *flawless* Yamaha LL-TA VT yesterday but it has a really strange problem:

Acoustically, it sounds incredible, but when played in TA mode with Reverb on, when any notes are played on the G,, B, or high E strings the sound of the note is accompanied by a distinct “thump” or “thud” that, as best I can describe it, sounds like what you hear when tap testing a block or piece of wood to select a top for guitar making, followed by soft. white-noise like hiss that sounds close to what one hears from a “sizzle cymbal” which slowly decays and then dies after a bit.

This doesn't happen in acoustic mode - only when TA is on and reverb is activated - and that increases in volume and severity as the reverb level setting ( both for room or hall) is increased - especially on Hall reverb mode.

The sound also gets louder and more pronounced the higher up the neck the note is played.

Interestingly: thump effect is also produced, as loud - or louder - without even playing a note - just playing harmonic (e.g., 12th fret) is enough to trigger it!

The guitar is otherwise perfect: has no “feedback” issues, or vibrations, loose wires, or rattles if tapped, shaken, or rocked back and forth that would account for this - no fret noise or buzzing. It sounds perfect when just played in acoustically.

What do you think? Faulty actuator?

Have you or anyone on the forum ever encountered or heard of something like this from an LL-TA?

I tried calling Yamaha this morning to inquire, but was informed I was caller number 88 so left my callback number but as expected, never did get a call back. Is Yamaha Service and Support good?

Any thoughts - or chance you could help or advise me?
Thanks- and a fun, wonderful, and safe Memorial Day weekend !

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Re: Weird noise from brand New LL-TA when in Reverb mode

Unread post by Saul »

Hi JP, welcome to the forum and apologies for the late response. I have so much going on right now it seems music has been pushed into the background slightly :(

Love the Yamaha Transacoustic. Brilliant idea, well implemented and sounds fantastic...most of the time. Obviously not in your case.

I would not hesitate to take that guitar back to where you purchased it from. It is not supposed to make noises like that with the reverb activated.

There were some issues with feedback a while ago but I think all new Transacoustic guitars have been sorted and any older models with the problem are being fixed by Yamaha.

The only thing I would try before sending it back is to replace the battery. I know it is a new guitar but there are faulty batteries so it is worth checking at least.
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