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Dawsons Music - Basingstoke UK

Unread post by Saul » Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:28 pm

This was my first visit to one of Dawsons stores and probably my last. The store is located inside the Festival Place Shopping Centre, which is one of those places that feels like it might have been built in the 70's and then modernised over the years. Still it does make for convenient parking and there are plenty of cafes and eateries near to the store.

I can't quite put my finger on what is wrong with these stores but if you have ever been into a place like Andertons or GAK or PMT the difference is like night and day. Dawsons feels very much like a "Parents, kids and sheet music" sort of store if that makes any sense? You don't get the feeling it's run by musicians for musicians. The staff, which seem to be mostly young guys dressed in black trying to look very rock with the goatees, piercings etc were polite enough but slow as a wet weekend.

I spent a while wandering up and down looking at guitars, then checking each on my phone, then went over to the counter and stood there for a while but no attention from anyone. Went away and wandered about a bit more but no one seemed interested in asking if they could help. Went back to the counter and stood there for a bit whilst a young guy who was obviously doing nothing just walked by me and parked himself at the other end of the counter. Then he decided to walk past me again but I caught him this time and asked if I could check out the Farida CT-29 which was tucked away above the counter....just where you would expect to find it, away from all the other guitars. The sales assistant looked a bit perturbed by this request but duly went off to find something to stand on so he could get the guitar down.

After getting the guitar down he handed it to me.......and? well nothing actually. Quite what he expected me to do with it I don't know so I asked if there was something I could plug it in to? He seemed a bit fazed by this question, after all, who on earth would want to plug an "electric" guitar into an amp to test it out right? Anyway he asked another guy who appeared from out of no where and they decided they had a small Blackstar I could test the guitar on so, off we went, me following the assistant who then proceeded to plug the guitar lead into the pedal socket of the amp? and then left me to test the guitar. So not exactly top marks for Dawsons on the customer service or knowledge front. Oh and quite why they had fairly loud background music playing in a store where people would be testing instruments Is a complete mystery. On trying to test the acoustic guitars it was a real struggle to hear what I was playing!

Anyway, jist of the above experience is I decided against the Farida and definitely against Dawsons. I'm sure the store is fine for parents with kids who they want to play the violin or clarinet but for me, it's not the sort of music store where I would ever feel at home.

On a good note though I have to say the Dawsons online video demos are pretty much excellent all round. Perhaps they should have taken a leaf out of Andertons book and just had one excellent bricks and mortar store and do the rest on line?

Dawsons Music Basingstoke
Festival Place
RG21 7JR
Tel: 01256 464 663
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