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Bonners Music - Eastbourne UK

Unread post by Saul » Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:38 pm

Decided to take a trip over to Bonners Music in Eastbourne today. It's about 30 miles from me but since we were going to Eastbourne anyway I thought I would combine the two.

So, never been to this store before. It's located just a short distance from the seafront, which makes it an ideal place to drop into if you happen to be spending a day by the sea...although given it's now October perhaps that is the sort of thing that will need to wait until Spring :?

Bonners Music is a fairly large store all laid out on one floor. They stock a wide range of instruments including a lot of Yamaha gear...I think they are a Yamaha main dealer. Plenty of keyboards, acoustic pianos, electric guitars, acoustic guitars and a wide selection of amplifiers.

The range of acoustics is actually quite limited in comparison to others stores I have visited. They sell more makes online than they have on display in the store so all I could really look at were Yamaha, Tanglewood, Martin, a few Takamine's and Gretsch. Didn't really see anything that stood out though and like many stores these days there were no booths in which to try something should you wish to. There was also the usual guy playing an electric guitar just a few feet away and that coupled with the constant background music left me feeling like this was not the place to buy an acoustic guitar.

WHY oh why do they insist on playing background music in stores that have no soundproof booths for customers to try instruments? Common sense would tell you that trying an acoustic guitar under such conditions is going to be hard going at best. Turn the bloody music off! :evil:

I also had a look at the keyboards whilst I was there and this was the only time a sales assistant approached me to ask if I needed any assistance.

Apart from the aforementioned acoustic pianos Bonners also has a good range of synths and arranger keyboards on display including some used classics such as the Korg 01W Pro which I thought was quite a bit overpriced at £599! although I see it's on their website at £399...still too much. There was a Montage8 although I almost walked past it. They really need to up their displays in this place! and a Roland JD800! haven't seen one of those for about 10 years I think. Not sure what they wanted for it but given the price of the other used keyboards they had on display I would imagine it was way above it's true value.

So, all in all Bonners is quite a nice store. Plenty of gear on display and well worth a look if your in the area. I would recommend they turn off the background music and/or invest in a couple of soundproof booths as it would make a massive difference especially for customers who might want to try out an acoustic or two. Also if you have it online then also have it in the store. I know space is at a premium but do you really need all those pianos on display?

Bonners Music
56 Langney Road
East Sussex
BN21 3JN
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