Part number for THR10X AUX input jack

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Re: Part number for THR10X AUX input jack

Unread post by parametric » Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:15 am

Just checked your picures

It look like the Aux socket just looks out through a hole in the case? No securing nut?

Thats very poor IMO - and done for cheapness. (Sorry YAMAHA, but THAT is cheap and shoddy)

Often, with pcb-mounted sockets, the pcb takes a beating with the constant plugging - un-plugging

that happens in normal use.

It look to me that the socket LEGS are taking all the load of plugging/un-plugging - and this will inevitably

compromise the soldered connections eventually.

Its BETTER to mount the sockets on the Case (to take the strain), while flexible wire is used

to connect to the pcb.

In this case, there is no issue with movement/rough handling (IYSWIM)

I can't tell if there is enough ROOM inside for you to do that? (Socket too close to the pcb?).

I would even suggest drilling another hole in the case nearby to CREATE enough room . . . (Y)

(close the original one with a grommet)

You would need to identify the correct connections on the socket and connect them to the pcb

with short flexible wires.

Mounting the socket properly with a nut to the case would then take ALL the strain - and it should

never be a problem again

perhaps this helps?

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Re: Part number for THR10X AUX input jack

Unread post by Buzzard » Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:19 pm

The part needed is not an exclusive Yamaha part, it can probably be found somewhere at normal retail prices.

As Chris mentioned, you can even "upgrade" to a socket that has a nut/grommet to fit to the metal cabinet.

This part is NOT quite the right one, but it's a start: ... et-20-0157

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