Noise Gate effect (THR Editor)

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Noise Gate effect (THR Editor)

Unread post by 314159 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:25 pm

It would be interesting to explore each parameter of each effect in the THR Editor. We could share our knowledge and experiences. How and when do you use these effects: settings, styles, songs, etc.

In this post, I begin with the Noise Gate effect, using my THR10 amp. It is automatically activated when you select the "Brit Hi" and "Modern" amps, with Threshold and Release parameters set at 5.0 by default. But in the THR Editor, you can also activate it with other amps.

Only signals above the Threshold can pass the gate. It can therefore be used to limit the noise during silences when using heavy distortion. The Threshold value is between 0 and 10: at 0 the noise gate is desactivated. At 10, only strong signals will pass the gate.

The Release value is between 0 and 10: at 0 the gate is abruptly closed when the signal pass below the threshold, whereas at 10 the gate is closed smoothly.

The THR Editor offers only those two parameters in its Noise Gate effect.

If you want more general info on the Noise Gate effect:
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Re: Noise Gate effect (THR Editor)

Unread post by Robert_S » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:21 am

Some noise gates include other parameters (attack, hold, etc). I'll assume those are hardwired into the circuit board when the NG is active. Does anyone know what these are?
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