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Become a Yamaha Musicians VIP

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As some of you will know, the costs of running this site have increased over the years and up until recently, I have been able to cover these costs myself. However, times have changed and it is a challenging environment for everyone right now.

Previously I had a donations link on the site and a few of our members have been kind enough to help out from time to time. I have never been comfortable with donations though and so after much consideration, I have decided to go down a subscription route.

Very simply put, those who choose to subscribe become VIP members of the forum and as a result, will no longer see adverts and also may have access to certain sections of the forum not available to non-subscribers.

I am having to increase advertising as there is no other way to cover costs right now. But at least this new system provides a good balance. It keeps the forum open and free for everyone and provides two means of helping with the costs. If you are happy to see the adverts and more importantly click on them from time to time then that is fine. You are helping just by doing that.

If you prefer not to see the adverts you can help by subscribing.

Subscriptions last 3, 6 or 12 months.

There is a new Subscriptions link in the menu at the top of the forum. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service. You can also pay by debit/credit card. if you prefer to pay in some other way please get contacted me on the forum or via
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Any questions please get in touch.



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