SG History

The story behind one of the best electric guitars of all time.

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Re: SG History

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Artie wrote: Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:06 am It's funny. Only a week before finding this forum, I saw the SBG-1820 on Yamaha's website. I was GAS'ing for one. But $5.1k!!! Ouch. Too rich for me. But I bet it's a killer axe.

I have an SG1820 exactly like the one in the pic and it's a wonderful instrument.
All my wet dreams about les pauls have gone the first time I played one. Now I just need a 1802 gt! :doh:

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Re: SG History

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Hi everyone
I have a SG45
I need some replacement parts for it, neck nut, and the bridge was repaired in a strange way (high e string)

Can anyone help me?
And what model is it exactly and what is the estimated value of this guitar.
Some dents on it , needs minor repairs and plays good.

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