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Re: Your favourite Yamaha SG

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Saw a red SG-1500 two weeks ago but somebody had drilled 4 holes right next to the 4 existing holes for the tone and volume pots, plus, it had problems with the neck binding coming off at the nut for about 3 or 4 inches, they wouldn`t drop the price so I passed.
Did see an interesting SG-1000 recently...natural finish with a MOP inlay on the body, not the SG-175 but some inlay...I couldn`t figure out what it was supposed to be. 2 piece pancake body had been modded with a Fernandes Sustainer system and a Duncan humbucker in a single coil serial number or MIJ on the back of the headstock...might it have been custom made? Maybe. If so, the $800.oo is not bad but if it has been modded that price is more than I wanna pay. So I bought the red Fernandes instead...and glad I did, that thing may become my favorite guitar.
But, still, want one of those used History Les Paul types I saw at another place and will have is written.

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