New here: question about SG pickups

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New here: question about SG pickups

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Hi all, I'm new here and somewhat of an SG newbie. I bought a '78 SG-800 in March and I have an '84 SBG-2100 on order.

I will probably be selling the 800 when the 2100 arrives.

My question is about replacing the pickups on the 2100 when it arrives. This particular model comes with Spinex pickups. I've heard good things about the Spinexes, but the appearance isn't much too my liking. I'm not a fan of covered pickups; rather, I'm a sucker for exposed cream or zebra bobbins.

However.....I've noticed that SG's come with very different pickup mounting hardware than other guitars. How hard is it to get aftermarket pickups (e.g. Duncans, DiMarzios, etc.) to fit into an SG?

Also - what are some recommendations for 4-conductor pickups that capture (or improve upon) the big, ballsy, yet well-defined tone of the Spinexes?

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