Aftertouch Magazine Individual Issues 1985-1986

AfterTouch was the official publication of The Yamaha Users Group and came out to accompany the release of the Yamaha DX series synths with particular emphasis on the Yamaha DX7

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Aftertouch Magazine Individual Issues 1985-1986

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So I finally came across the individual issues of Aftertouch magazine that Rawl had uploaded a few years back. They were on an old hard drive which I have just found in storage. Hope these will be useful to people and don't forget, all credit goes to Rawl for making these available to us. ((i))
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Aftertouch Magazine 1985:
(4.2 MiB) Downloaded 108 times
(9.95 MiB) Downloaded 157 times
(3.32 MiB) Downloaded 77 times
Aftertouch Magazine 1986:
(8.16 MiB) Downloaded 92 times
(7.85 MiB) Downloaded 91 times
(6.27 MiB) Downloaded 79 times
(6.86 MiB) Downloaded 70 times
(5.12 MiB) Downloaded 82 times
(2.66 MiB) Downloaded 86 times
(2.49 MiB) Downloaded 86 times
(6.48 MiB) Downloaded 81 times
(6.36 MiB) Downloaded 87 times
(6.13 MiB) Downloaded 89 times
(4.62 MiB) Downloaded 80 times
(2.78 MiB) Downloaded 92 times
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Re: Aftertouch Magazine Individual Issues 1985-1986

Unread post by KJX Barry Warne »

Saul wrote:
Wed May 30, 2018 6:23 pm
So I finally came across the individual issues of Aftertouch magazine that Rawl had uploaded a few years back
an awesome resource to have access to.
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