JV-1000 an odd midi out quirk with solution

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JV-1000 an odd midi out quirk with solution

Unread post by Rara »

I have had a nagging problem with my JV-1000.
Midi out from this would not work with a midi solutions 2 to 1 merger.
There was power from the JV-1000, no data was being sent when monitored with midi-ox
or trying to control another synth. The IN1 port is also the power port for these
as they are self powered.

JV-1000 and merger.jpg
JV-1000 and merger.jpg (57.59 KiB) Viewed 432 times

Having exchanged emails with midi solutions support and in roland group the problem was found.

After I mentioned that breifly the merger is sending data when I plug the merger in and play notes
immediatly, if I stop for a brief moment the merger wont let any data through. This was discovered
when i was leaning over to plug cables in and was leaning on keys at the same time, so it was
really an accidental discovery.

JV-1000 does not provide enough current from its midi out port to power any external devices
such as these. The volts are fine, the current isn't. Once this was suggested to me, the light bulb moment happend.

The solution was to take the JV-1000 midi out and plug into my old expanders input (runs on a 12v supply)
and take an output from that to the mergers In1/power socket. This worked perfectly. Data was being
received by midi ox and other synths at the same time. My old leem is acting as a psuedo signal booster.
(pays not to self off old gear sometimes, as I nearly did with this ;) )

JV-1000 and midi gizmos.jpg
JV-1000 and midi gizmos.jpg (95.51 KiB) Viewed 432 times

The other oddity, the sequencer output from the JV-1000 provides enough current to run these mergers.
taking the sequencer out to the mergers in and then main midi out to mergers input 2 works just fine as well.
with my setup the former is preferable.

JV-1000 seems to have a similar issue as the JV-90.

If any one has a JV-1000 and is having issues with self powered midi accesories, this could very well be
what the issue is.

Rara 0-)

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Re: JV-1000 an odd midi out quirk with solution

Unread post by Saul »

Thanks for sharing Laura. A great solution to an interesting problem. And as is often the case with great solutions, they come by accident.

This will probably be very useful info for other older keyboards too. ((i)) ((i)) ((i))

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