CFX Piano Sound On Yamaha Genos Sounds Thin?

Yamaha Genos digital workstation keyboard

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Re: CFX Piano Sound On Yamaha Genos Sounds Thin?

Unread post by Gordon49 » Sat May 19, 2018 2:47 am

Regarding the CFX piano sounding thin, I want to tell you what happened to me that might help explain the thin sound. I always use my Traynor K4 keyboard amp when I gig with the Genos, and the CFX piano sounds great; however, I had a gig recently where the only way to get the equipment to the stage was to go down a flight of stairs. Since my amp is 57 pounds and I knew my back would give me problems if I carried the amp up and down the stairs, I decided instead to run the keyboard through the PA that the singer/guitarist brought. The PA channel On the mixer was run flat, but the CFX piano sounded so thin and unlike what it always sounds like. Since we were in the middle of the show, I couldn’t go over to the PA mixer to try to adjust the EQ. Maybe those who have experienced the Genos CFX piano sounding thin might either adjust the EQ or try different amps, speakers and mixers.
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