Printout a score Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos digital workstation keyboard

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Printout a score Yamaha Genos

Unread post by tonylukejr » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:58 am

Hi everyone, I composed a song in midi on the Yamaha Genos. Now I would like to print out the score of the song but I don't know how. I cant seem to find out how to do it in the manual or online.
Any help would be very much appreciated

Thank You
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Re: Printout a score Yamaha Genos

Unread post by parametric » Wed Mar 06, 2019 2:22 pm

Hi Tony, and welcome to the Forums . . . .

I don't own a Genos, but searching around, I can find nothing about printing YOUR OWN Compositions.

It is suggested that your can print out Songs you have bought from Yamaha - NOT what you want . . .

You may need to use a DAW to do this.

Quantise the Song inside the Genos and then export it as a midi file.

Import it into a DAW. Many DAWs can display the file as notes - and may be able to print it out from here . . .

I mentioned quantising, because midi is a very high resolution system, and without this, the resulting score will

probably look ridiculous - with double and triple-dotted notes and rests - so you may well need to EDIT the result

to get something that looks reasonable.

Midi measures it's crotchets (quarter-notes) in ticks, there being typically 384 ticks per quarter note . . .

so you see the problem.

We believe we can play in strict tempo, but midi will not see it as such - and will record it PRECISELY . . .

Quantising can be done on the way IN (when recording) or afterwards - in a DAW . . . .

Reading up on Quantisation will explain this, and more and enable you to choose the amount to apply to best

get what you want . . . .

another route is by using Notation Software (Dorico, Sibelius, Finale) - but they tend to be expensive, although

the entry-level versions may well do ENOUGH for what you want . . .

Hope that Helps . . .

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