Genos v2 pedal changes

Yamaha Genos digital workstation keyboard

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Helge 1
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Genos v2 pedal changes

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After updating to version 2.0 there are changes for assigning foot pedal function that I don't understand the reason for.
I have 2 pedals controlling the register changes in my Register banks.
I have achieved this with:
Register +
Register -
Now there only is:
Register Bank +
Register Bank -
What would be the reason for this change? :confusion-confused:

Helge Larsen

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Gunnar J
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Re: Genos v2 pedal changes

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If look into the reference manual for v.2.0, (genos_en_rm_g0.pdf), page 109 and 133, it's still possible.
Hope this is for any help. (Y)

It seems like it's not possible to post links here, but updated manuals is to find at the Y download site.

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