A Method if you don't play a Wind Controller

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A Method if you don't play a Wind Controller

Unread post by javelin276 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:12 pm

I don't play wind instruments, but that doesn't stop me from using VL and fancy Breath Controller moves in my song files. There is at least one obscure piece of software out there that will add in the wind controllers for you, called NTOnyx Style Enhancer. The software has been around since the 90's, that's when I first started using it. It works by taking a bland midi track and adds in a set of performance controllers to give a human feel to the track. It adjusts the PitchBend, Expression/Breath Control, Modulation, Velocity, and Note durations.

You don't even have to have a VL instrument to use this trick, it works on any midi track. Simply pick a track, select a type of transformation to use (like Flute 090S 03A Solo Legato Wave Breathy) and it does the rest. There are around 450 transformations to select from if you get them all.

I have no affiliation with NTOnyx, I just like the software. I recommend the plugin version for Sonar/Cubase ($39 US). There is also a simpler FREE version to try out, called the NTOnyx Stylizer (standalone). There is also a standalone version with a LOT of other arranger functions, but it's a lot more complicated to learn. http://www.ntonyx.com/

The alternative is to use a new VST instead, at $125 for each instrument module. The VST's have control modes built in that let you humanize the performance just like the NTOnyx software does. That method doesn't use your nice VL hardware, though.

Does anyone else know of any other methods?
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