YAMAHA P-105 notes intermittent

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YAMAHA P-105 notes intermittent

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Yamaha P-105 issues....on gigs we're having intermittent issues with certain keys/note not working. Starting to get very frustrating not being able to depend on our piano on gigs. We've taken the piano several times to repair guys...both in town and on the road. They all do the same...blow the internal chassis out with a compressor...check the keys. Sign off on it...works ok for several gigs and then it will evidently start up again. The other night on a local LA gig...place was packed...started up a tune in A....intro starts using the lower D notes and they're not working...had to stop and try to get 'em to work. You turn keyboard off n on several times...Shake it in case IT's dust on the contact...sometimes that helps. Getting distracting on gigs not being able to depend on it. What gives Yamaha? Please advise!!! The piano is maybe 2 years old. Always travels in a padded gig case. Still looks pretty new...no scratches...dents...has been taken care of. Please advise. Thank you, Terry

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