MicroKorg or Korg R3

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MicroKorg or Korg R3

Unread post by muncles » Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:30 am

hi guys

i am realy into daft punk at the mo and i have been looking into vocoders and talk boxes.

i was wondering if i was to get a vocoder which should i go for?

i have been looking at the microkorg and the korg r3.

i also need some additional voices as i have lost my copy of nexus v1.

this was another reason for getting the korg. but i dont know which would be better?

if i had the money i would just get the xs. but i dont. the microkorg is looking like the best choice because its cheaper. but the r3 has more features.

HELP. 8O :roll: :o
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